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- How do I create an account?
On each page of there is a vertical bar on the right, click on   CREATE ACCOUNT Scroll down the page and enter your personal information in the section titled ADDRESS DETAILS, press SUBMIT and you are finally part of!
- How do I exit from my account?
On each page you are visiting there is a central bar. Up on the right of this toolbar there is the Log In section, click on LOG OFF to exit from your account. If the LOG OFF button is not displayed it means that you have already gone out from your account.
- How do I change my account information?
On each page of you are visiting there is a central bar, up on the right of this bar there is the Log In section. Once logged in you can change your account information simply by clicking on MY ACCOUNT and, after entering the next page, click on VIEW OR CHANGE MY ACCOUNT INFORMATION.
- Are my account information protected by the privacy policy?
Please read the Privacy Policy section: CLICK HERE

- How do I order a product?
After creating an account (see "How do I create an account?"), enter the amount of product that you intend to purchase in the box and then click ADD TO CART. On the next page it will be displayed your cart with the products you selected, you can delete any of them by clicking on the red icon that appears on the right of each item. To continue with the purchase click GO TO CHECKOUT.
Step 1 of 2: This page displays the shipping address, which can be changed by clicking on CHANGE. This page also displays the preferred shipping methods.
Step 2 of 3: Here the customer can change the billing address and can select one of the methods of payment (Pay Pal, Reload PostePay, Bank Transfer, Money Order, Mark). It's very important to read and accept the terms and conditions of by ticking the appropriate box and then proceed with the order.
Step 3 of 3: This page it's a summary of your order, the shipping method and address. By clicking CONTINUE CHECKOUT you proceed with the payment chosen in step 2.
After this step will send you an email confirmation and then you can wait what you choose at your home!
- How can I find products?
The vertical left bar at the top is a drop down menu that helps you get into the specific area. If, for example, you need a T-Shirt proceed as follows: CLOTHES-WOMEN-SHIRTS & SWEATSHIRTS.
With the appropriate box FIND, in the centered up bar, you can write directly the product you are looking for and wait that the website filters your search.
- How do I remove products inside my Cart I don't want to buy anymore?
Once you're logged in with your e-mail click on the CART icon in the center of the top bar. On the next page it will be displayed all the products you have in your cart. If you want to delete one, just click on the red icon on the right of each item.
- Can I return to a product?
If there is not correspondence between the order made and goods received, the customer must contact which will run at its own expense, a new shipment.
In case you do want to exercise the right of withdrawal, the same should be exercised not later than 10 days from receipt of goods.
All our products are in fact covered by our "satisfacted or refunded" guarantee that is regulated by Art. 5 D. Decree Law 185/1999. The right of withdrawal can not be exercised if the items have been customized and / or modified at the request of the customer and where they have been altered (mounted and / or modified) as compared to their original characteristics. As specified by Art. 5 D. Decree Law 185/1999 all costs incurred for shipping and packaging of products will be borne by the customer.

For more details please see section on Conditions of Use: CLICK HERE
- How do I use a Gift Certificate or Discount Coupon?
First of all you must create an account by Then you can proceed normally with the purchase (see "How do I order a product?"). At Step 2 of 3 instead of paying you'll write the Gift Certificate or Discount Coupon code in the appropriate box.

If the Gift Certificate has a value less than or equal to the product price (shipping included), you should not proceed with any kind of additional payment. If the voucher is less than the price of purchases it will be required an additional payment by the methods provided by (Pay Pal, Bank Transfer, Money Order).
- How do I use a Gift Certificate I received via e-mail?
If you receive a Gift Certificate by email it will contain details of who sent you the Gift Certificate, along with possibly a short message from them. The email will also contain the Gift Certificate Redemption Code. It is probably a good idea to print out this email for future reference. You can now redeem the Gift Certificate or as show at “How do I use a Gift Certificate or a Discount Coupon?” or by clicking on the link contained within the email for this express purpose. This will take you to the store's Redeem Gift Certificate page. You will then be requested to create an account, before the Gift Certificate is validated and placed in your Gift Certificate Account ready for you to spend it on whatever you want.

For more details please see section on gift certificates:  CLICK HERE
- How do I give a Gift Certificate?
In the categories section located on the green bar at the left top of the web site, click on GIFT CERTIFICATES. At the center of the page appear different kind of Gift Certificates you can buy. The process is the same as buying any other product (see "How do I order a product?"), obviously without shipping costs. Once purchased the value of the Gift Certificate it will be added to your own personal Gift Certificate Account. If you have funds in your Gift Certificate Account, you will notice that the amount now shows in the Shopping Cart box, and also provides a link to a page where you can send the Gift Certificate to some one via email.

For more details please see section on gift certificates:  CLICK HERE

- How are the times and shipping costs?
Delivery times

Registered Mail. Central/ Northen Italy: 3-5 business days; Southern Italy and islands: 4-6 business days.
Courier: 3-4 business days.
Warning: The delivery time does not include the time needed by for preparing and packaging the order.

Collecting the product at premise.
If the customer chooses this option, he will receive a phone call from our staff to arrange the withdrawal of ordered goods.

Shipping costs

Shipping cost depend on the weight of the product: it is handled automatically by the system which will highlight total shipping costs before the confirmation of the order.
The minimum cost is € 15.00 for shipping via courier and € 6.00 for shipping via registered mail. Additional insurance cost (optional) is € 5.00.

Parcels are sealed with tape for security reasons. The Customer is responsible to verify, before the acceptance, the package integrity (not damaged or wet) which shall comply with the above mentioned standards.
If you have doubts about the integrity of the package,proceed to acceptance with reserve signing the form and explicitly to courier the possibility that the parcel has been tampered. If you don't follow the above-mentioned procedure you cannot require any repayments from the carrier for the damage to the items ordered. Thereafter, you must send an 'e-mail to through the contact form.

For more details please see our page on shipping info: CLICK HERE
- Can I send a product to an address different than My Account one?
In the first phase of purchase there is the CHANGE icon near the address, clicking on that icon you can easily change the shipping address.
- Where do I check the status of my products shipments?
Log in and click on My Account (to the top-left in the center bar). In the next page you can check the status of your orders.
Pending: received your order
Processing: The order was sent to be packed and send to your adress.
Delivered: The order has been shipped.

- What kind of payments are accepted by
We accepts the following payments types:

- Pay Pal
- Bank Transfer
- Money order
- PostePay (only in Italy)
- Mark (only in Italy and with a further supplement the cost of the product)

- Can I have the bill of my orders?
The bill is sent to the shipping address you provided when you created the account with the VAT, if you have it.
If you want to change the billing address you can do it in Step 2 of 3 (see "How do I order a product?"), Clicking on the CHANGE icon near the billing address.


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